Sebastian Spaziano is an award-winning portrait photographer with over 38 years of professional photography and portraiture experience.

Born in  Italy, Sebastian found his love and passion for photography at a very young age, and is now a master at creating classical and lifestyle portraits that inspire and enrich life's most precious memories. 

Sebastian's combination of creative composition and interpretative style: a perfect mixture of the old world style of photography blended seamlessly with the art of lighting and digital equipment of today, has earned him a stellar reputation for delivering images artistically styled and perfected for each clients’ unique needs. 

Sebastian’s portraits are creative, human and delicate images that bring out the real beauty, personality and vitality of the subject.  Sebastian's passion for photography shines through in all of his work.


“Capturing the mystical force of a magnificent image has long been my passion. This quest is my inspiration for creating truly classic and timeless portraits, those destined to stir the emotions for years to come.  In composing a fine portrait, what we ultimately present to our clients is a window to days past, a chance to revisit a cherished time in life shared with those held closest to the heart.  As the portraits we design are handed to the next generation, they grow into precious heirlooms, gently preserving the story of a family heritage.”   

-Sebastian Spaziano